Stellar Top Bar

Situated in the top part of the Stellar UI, this area contains a multitude of menus, buttons and status details.

The top bar is split into 3 areas:

Menu Area

image - drop-down menus.

image - information about Stellar/Nebula Version

Files - Opens the Stellar Tasks Menu which gives you access to things such as Current Task / Open Task / Manage Tasks

Tasks - Opens the Stellar Files Menu which gives you access to things such as Import/Export, Layouts, Project Actions and Text Files Actions

Tools - Opens the Stellar Tools Menu - depending on the plugins which are activated, this menu may contains several sub-menus: Audio Tools, AI Tools, Timing Tools, Subtitle Tools, Append/Split.

Settings - Give you access to various types of setting menu in Stellar.
Widget Settings - Global list of available Widgets
Fonts Manger - Adjust Font related settings.
Profile Manager - Adjust Profile related settings.
Hotkey Settings - Adjust Hotkey related settings.
Shortcuts - Change Shortcut related settings.
Help - Various help related links.

Details Area

Current Layout - Audio Description Super User - Standard Screen
Current Project - Online Cycling Café NL-VO

Command Area


Combination Name Description
image37x37 image37x37 Undo & Redo Undo or redo (after undo) the last action.
Ctrl+ Z and Ctrl+ Y
image37x37 Save Indicator Shows the status of all changes to the current open text files.
If Yellow then there are saves outstanding.
If Green then all saves have been completed.
All saving of text and audio is automatic.
You can force a Save by clicking on this icon or doing Ctrl+ S.
image 53x41 Sync Indicator Shows the status of all changes to the current open Task.
If Yellow then the Task is currently synchronizing.
If Green then Task synchronization is complete.
image37x37 Process Status Shows a list of background processes.
image37x37 Find & Replace Opens the Find and Replace tool
Ctrl+F or Ctrl+H
image37x37 Volume Manager Visible if the Volume Manager Widget is enabled
image36x36 Speaker Icon is Red this indicates an error with one of the audio inputs.
image37x37 My Account Open your Nebula account page in a new tab
Only visible for PayGo users
image37x37 Log In / Log Out To use the Task list and some other centralised features you need to log into your Nebula account.
Do this with the username and password in your original sign-up email.
The Icon is green when you are logged in.
image37x37 Rehearse Enable/Disable Rehearse Mode
image37x37 Hotkey Map Hover over to see the current hotkey mapping loaded.
Hotkey Maps allow you to customise the keyboard and mouse controls to make Stellar work the way you want, or to emulate a software product you are already familiar with.
Click to open the Hotkey Settings control.
image37x37 Layout Layout Mode switch – Turn Layout Mode on and off.
Yellow when Layout mode is on.
Tip: Pressing Esc will exit Layout mode and abandon any changes.