Find & Replace

To Find and Replace text in any text file either:

  • Click on the Find Icon in the top bar.
  • Press Ctrl+ F to Find
  • Press Ctrl+ H to find and replace



  • Enter text to find

    • Any highlighted text will automatically be entered as the Find text.
  • Any text found in any visible subtitle or script box will be highlighted.

  • Step through multiple instance of the search text by:

    • Using the up and down arrows on the keyboard
    • By clicking the up and down arrows on the find dialog
    • By pressing Enter on the keyboard
Icon Action Description
image79x71 Find only in the current Text file Only text in the currently selected text file will be searched.
image77x67 Find text in all Text files Search in all the Text files in this Project.
image69x67 Match Case when searching
image65x68 Only match whole words



  • To show the Replace options either:
    • Press Ctrl+ H on the keyboard
    • Click on the > symbol in the Find dialog.
    • Press the Tab key on the keyboard
  • Enter the Replacement text
  • To replace a single occurrence
    • click on the single tick icon
    • Press Enter on the keyboard
  • To replace all occurrences In one or all files as selected using the icons above)
    • Click on the double tick icon