Working with Widgets

Adding Widgets

While we have worked with widgets in the layout mode, all the widgets that we had access to were already present in the layouts. Since we are aiming to create a new custom layout that would better fit our needs, we need to look at all the available widgets and them pick/customize them.

There are two ways of accessing the widget list:

  • Alt + Right Click inside any widget (with Layout Edit mode off)
  • Settings → Widget Settings
  • Left Click on the Layout Name in the top menu bar.

  • This will open the widget selection and setting for the current Layout. By default it will open on the AI Tools widget tab.
  • The left side contains a scrollable list of all the widgets that are available in Stellar.
  • The right side contains the settings for each of the widgets in the left column.
  • Widgets that have a yellow name - are already active in your project.

Configuring Widgets

Each instance of a widgets comes with its list of setting which are show in each Widget tab.

Some widgets do not have an extensive set of settings that can be altered. AI Tools is one good example of that type of widget.

Other widgets, such as the Audio Recorder widget, come with an extensive list of settings that can be adjusted by the user. As it can be seen in the image, there are two categories of settings that can be changed by the user:

  • Position Settings - alter the position/size of the widget in the layout
  • Widget Settings - alter the functionally based on the available setting for each widget.

Once the you have entered your desired values, you can press save to update the widget settings. If you do not want to save the changes that you made, just press cancel and your edits will be reverted to the original values.

Widget List

Widget Location Details Nebula Process Important Position Settings
AI Tools Tools Menu Provides an interface to a range of external ASR (Speech to Text) services ASR Plugin Process n/a
Audio Recorder Layout Provides mixing, gap detection and AD Delivery options Provides multi-user operation for AD and Dubbing Recording in conjunction with the Task Manager Widget No requirements Needs Media Controller Widget to be present. yes
Audio Tools Plugin Tools Menu Provides mixing, gap detection and AD Delivery options Audio Tools Process n/a
Collaboration Widget Layout Provides multi-user operation for AD and Dubbing Recording in conjunction with the Task Manager Widget. Task List Plugin + Access to Nebula Collaboration and Task servers yes
External Widget Container Layout Add non-standard (external) widgets to the current Layout. Advanced Feature. No requirements yes
File Status Layout Adds File Status window in its widget form. This is of great help when doing QC, for example. No requirements yes
Fonts Manager Settings Fonts are used in subtitling to simulate the output the viewer will see. No requirements n/a
Logs Layout Add support for non-standard log viewer Widget to the current Layout. Advanced Feature. No requirements yes
Media Controller Layout Provides a full set of play, step and seek controls. No requirements yes
Profiles Manager Settings Menu Provides management control of Templates. No requirements n/a
Project Loader Menu Bar Add the Files menu to the top bar in the Current Layout No requirements n/a
Script Import Add an import menu to allow the import of CSV scripts. No requirements n/a
Script Overlay Layout Add Dubbing and AD video overlay to the current Layout No requirements n/a
Subtitle Tools Plugin Tools Provides a subtitle rendering function. Subtitle Render Process n/a
Synthetic Voice Plugin Tools/Audio Tools Add the Synthetic Voice Render option to the Tools/Audio Tools submenu. Synthetic Voices Plugin n/a
Task Manager Layout Provides a display for task management. Task List Plugin + Access to a Nebula Task server n/a
Time Display Layout Provides a large timecode display. No requirements yes
Timed Text Editor Layout Provides all the functions to create and edit all forms time timed text including subtitles, captions, AD scripts etc. No requirements yes
Timeline Layout Provides a detailed timeline display and control. No requirements yes
Timing Tools Tools Menu Provides a set of tools for manipulating timing of subtitles. No requirements n/a
Translate Plugin Layout Provides the interface and display to use external machine Translation services to translate single subtitles or whole subtitle files. Stellar Translation Plugin yes
Video Display Layout Provides a video display of the current media file loaded and a range of text overlays. No requirements yes
Volume Manager Layout Provides a display for all volumes. No requirements yes
Web Search No requirements n/a