Spelling and Grammar checker and Thesaurus

There is no spelling, grammar or thesaurus functions built into Stellar. Instead we use a range of very powerful plug-ins for the Chrome browser or the native Chrome spell checker.

These are very comprehensive and allow you to select only the functions you require.

To add one or more of these plug-ins just follow the links below and then the instructions on that site, it’s very easy.

Once installed you will see icons in the top right section of the address bar of the Chrome browser. Clicking on each allows you to configure how they work.


  • Grammar and Spelling checker: Here
  • Auto correction: Here
  • Thesaurus: Here

Each of these plug-ins has it’s own configuration settings so you can tailor the operation to your requirements. For example in the grammar plug-in you can turn off first word capitalisation as you don’t always want the first word of a subtitle to be capitalised.

You can manage all the settings as well as enable and disable the plug-ins by using the Chrome extensions manager.

Click on the three dots icon in Chrome and select More Tools, Extensions.

This opens a tab and shows all the extensions you have in Chrome, including any of the Spelling, Grammar or Thesaurus you have loaded.

Tip: If you use the default Chrome spell checker this will show a red underline below any miss spelt words. To access alternative spellings Ctrl+ Right Click in the word will show the options provided by Chrome.