Common Key Combinations

Combination Description Visual
CTRL + ENTER Insert Subtitle at video time or after Current Subtitle insert690x127
CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE Delete current selected subtitle. delete690x127
Delete only the audio. onlyaudiodelete690x143
SHIFT + Dragging Reposition single title Move690x127
Reposition only the audio. moveaudio690x143
SHIFT + CTRL + Dragging Reposition / Recut ALL titles moveall690x127
ALT + CTRL + Dragging Reposition / Recut titles from this point on moveall2690x127
SHIFT + Dragging [right side of the title] Adjust outcue. Outcue690x127
SHIFT + Dragging [right side of the audio] Adjust the outcue of the audio. audioout690x143
SHIFT + Dragging [left side of the title] Adjust incue. Incue690x127
SHIFT + Dragging [left side of the audio] Adjust the incue of the audio. audioin690x143
Alt + Plus Set incue to current Time Cue. incuetoTC690x127
Alt + Minus Set outcue to current Time Cue. outcuetoTC690x127
SHIFT + Double Click Recut from here on setting incue to current Time Cue moveall3690x127
SHIFT + CTRL + Double Click Recut/ Reposition sub from this point on ALL files. moveall4690x127
ALT + Up Arrow ALT + Down Arrow Move 1 Frame Forward Move 1 Frame Backward framebyframe690x127
SHIFT + ALT + Up Arrow SHIFT + ALT + Down Arrow Move 5 Frames Forward Move 5 Frames Backward framebyframe5690x127
CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow Move 5 seconds Forward Move 5 seconds Backward 5second690x127
CTRL + ALT + Right Arrow CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow Next Shot Change Previous Shot Change shot690x143
ALT + Page Up ALT + Page Down Next Subtitle Previous Subtitle subtitles690x143