About the Help WIKI category

Welcome to the yella Umbrella Tech Wiki.

The Tech Wiki is a separate Category on the Forum dedicated to helping you get the most out of the Stellar and Nebula systems. It is also a way wor you to help each other; you can create and edit the pages yourself.

When could you do this?

  • You’ve found a great way of doing a specific task - tell us all about it!

  • You want to expand on the standard Help pages to make things more understandable - great, thanks!

  • You’ve noticed a mistake in one of the existing Tech Wiki pages- Ooops, thanks!
    When not to?

  • If you’ve found a bug, please post this in the Bug Reporting tread on the forum

  • You want to contact us about anything else, please either email Support or post on the forum.

  • General forum discussions, keep these on the main forum please.