New Synthetic Voices - Beta

Synthetic Voices

Stellar offers you the option to use Synthetic voices to render your Audio Description or Dubbing scripts.
This plugin has a prerequisite that has to be present in your Stellar project for it to work - Audio Recorder Widget.

Add the widget to your project.
Open the Widget Settings window, scroll down, select the Synthetic Voices plugin from the list and the create an instance of it for your project.

You can access the Synthetic Voices settings menu from the media player controls bar.

The same menu can also be accessed by *Top Menu Bar → Tools → Audio Tools → Synthetic Voices → Settings

  • Left click on the icon - image - Will start the rendering process using the Default Voice settings. The render will cover titles that are included in the current selection.
  • Right click on the icon - image - will open the Synthetic Voices Settings window

Render Mode

  • Render Current Title - Will render the currently selected title.
  • Render All Titles without audio - Will render all titles without any active audio.
  • Render All Titles - Will render all titles regardless if they have active audio or not.

Select File

Select File - Allows you to select the file for which the titles will be render.

Voice Favorite List

A voice favorite list contains a list of Voice Configurations. There are two types of Voice Favorite lists:

  1. Local - The list is stored locally for the current user.
  2. Company - The list is stored in the cloud and is available to every user from a company.

Voice Configuration

Voice Configuration allows the user to select an existing voice configuration which has been pre-created and is part of the Voice Favorite List.

Creating a Voice Configuration
A voice configuration contains a list of variables which are set to certain values in order to obtain a custom voice. To create a configuration, please click on the image to open the Customization window.

Filter by Language: Availability based on the select provider.
Filter by Supplier: Amazon / Acapela / Azure / Cereproc / Google
Filter by Gender: Any / Female / Male
Voice Selection: Selecting a voice from the list generated based on the previously set filters. By pressing the Play button you can listen to the selected voice.
Voice Rate: Controls the rate of speech of the voice.
Pitch Modification: Allows increasing or decreasing the pitch for the voice.
Volume Scheme: Allows increasing or decreasing the volume for the voice.

Once you have configured your voice, please press Save.

Currently, in the Voice Configuration entry, you will see Custom Configuration. To save this Configuration into a Voice Favorite List - please press on the image icon.

Select the Voice Favorite List using the drop-down list OR Create a New Favorite List by pressing the “+” button.

Choose Local if you want to create a local Voice Favorite list, or company if you want to have this list made available for your entire company. Name the favorite list and then press Save.

Select the Favorite List to which you want to save the Custom Voice Configuration.

Name the Voice Configuration - then press Save.

You will see all the details of the selected Voice Configuration in the entry bellow.

Rate Control

This will adjust the render settings based on the chosen option.

  1. Re-render if over length (maybe double cost): Will look at the length of the vocalization, and if it is too long, re-render to make it match the available duration.
  2. Re-render to match length (likely double cost): Will look at the length of the vocalization, and ALWAYS re-render to make it match the available duration(i.e, it may render at a slower rate to make the vocalization longer).

Cost estimates

Will show the user the detailed cost of the current render job.

Render Status

Will provide details related to the render status of the current job.

Aborting Audio Rendering

Since script lines are synthesized one by one, you can abort the synthesis job if needed by pressing on the Abort button.